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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Mini Frittata Buffet! (Gluten-Free, Grain-Free, Dairy-Free, Corn-Free)

Today Little Chef was so excited because the delivery man brought him a box! He's loved boxes since he was just a few months old and when there is ever a knock on our door he runs to it screaming "Did someone order me a box?!"

Today his box was from CSN Stores, who sent us some beautiful ramekins to review! If you haven't been to their site yet swing on over because it is so much fun to browse all their stores, over 200 stores with one shopping cart! How can you go wrong with that many options?!

Yay Box! (Remember, all photos can be enlarged by clicking on them.)

When we opened the box up he screamed with joy "They sent me triangles, millions of them!!!"

Instead of packing peanuts or bubble packs there were indeed triangles...cardboard, 3D, triangles and he was in total awe.

He lost no time in dumping them all over the kitchen floor and wallowing in them. And then he yelled for daddy "Bury me in triangles daddy!"

We finally convinced him that there was more in the box and we were able to lift out the ramekins. They were perfect, just what we needed! Little Chef thought they were so cute and fun to stack. The brand is Ten Strawberry Street, which we thought was an adorable name.

After we washed and dried the ramekins we got busy getting ready for our Mini Frittata Buffet, we chopped up onions, celery, tomatoes, mushrooms, bell peppers, carrots, and broccoli.

Then it was time to create the egg mixture, we beat 10 cage-free eggs (2 per person) in a large bowl.

Next we whipped in 1/4 cup of unsweetened almond milk.

Then we threw in some herbs and spices, just whatever seems good. We did garlic, basil, and paprika.

Now it was time for fun! Create Your Own Frittata! Our buffet had veggies, natural sausage, ground beef, and the egg mixture.

Everyone got their own ramekin and started tossing in veggies and/or meat!

Then we poured the egg mixture over the top, make sure to only fill it 2/3s full as the batter will rise some.

So pretty! Little Chef tried to eat his right away, he thought it was soup, and was not happy when we told him they still had to cook.

We placed them all on a cookie sheet, popped them into the oven (375 degrees), and set the timer for 30 minutes.

Now...what can you do while waiting for dinner to cook?
Why gather up all your triangles and put them on your trampoline of course!

Why you ask? Because when you jump they will fly all over the room!!! Wee!

You may also like stacking them up on your head! 

Dinner's done!

And it was heavenly. They were fluffy and flavorful and so beautiful.

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 After our meal was over Little Chef went about the process of trying to fit inside his box...but we don't think he realizes how much he has grown!

What a great experience, not only did we get to test out some really neat ramekins but Little Chef also got new "toys"! CSN Stores was wonderful to work with, their customer service is outstanding and their website very user friendly.


Junior Chefs' Opinions!
Sister Chef: "The ramekins made the meal seem so gourmet, like we were at a restaurant. Thank you CSN Stores!"
Brother Chef: "That was a fun! It was fun to get the ramekins, they came fast! And it was fun to use them!"
Little Chef: "I like the triangles so much!! But next time order me a bigger box!"

~This item was sent to us for review purposes, the opinions written here are ours. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post & were not under any obligation to give a positive review of the product.~


  1. Those are really cute! I've been looking into buying new ones b/c we don't have enough. Thanks for sharing. :o)

  2. These are really affordable Sarah! I'm thinking about getting some of their other sizes, I'd like some smaller ones for dips.

  3. This is a great idea. I'm going to have to try this one and definitely come back for more recipes. My kids are tough to please.

  4. I really like how you made it into a "make your own frittata" party. So creative and tasty!