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Friday, February 25, 2011

Chocolate Covered Cherry Chiller! (Dairy-Free Smoothie)

Ok, no joking...this was the best smoothie we have EVER made!!

And it was soooooo simple!

Only 4 ingredients!!

We just tossed some unsweetened chocolate almond milk into the blender along with a little bit of coconut sap/sugar and blended it for a minute. Then we tossed in a bag of frozen unsweetened cherries and blended it up some more. Then we added in ice cubes on at a time until it was the consistency we wanted, we like thick!

It was insanely delicious!And the perfect after school snack!

10 stars from everyone! We might have to stock up on cherries! 


  1. What an awesome idea for an after school snack for my kids! I think I'll surprise them with a smoothie this week. Love your blog!


  2. This looks great I have never seen anything like it before thanks for sharing.