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Saturday, January 1, 2011

Hello and Welcome!

I'm Momma Chef!

I love to cook and having three children that all have dietary sensitivities doesn't stop me any. It's a challenge I enjoy and excel at, most of the time. Combined they are allergic or sensitive to wheat, corn, dairy, soy,  beans, sugar, preservatives, and additives to name just a few. I know what you are thinking,"What does that leave?" I'll tell you. Coconuts. That's about all we eat. (I'm just kidding...mostly.)

Now there are some really amazing gluten-free blogs out there and I've just had tons of fun whipping up all the gourmet and delicious recipes they provide. However, now that my children are getting older they love to help out in the kitchen and well, they have short attention spans. Somewhere after "OK, now after we scrape all the vanilla off the bean we infuse it for 30 minutes while we julienne all these veggies." they tend to lose interest and wander off. Also, we live in a town of 900 people...it's not like I can run to a Whole Foods or Trader Joes at all, the closest one is hours away. We need to be able to cook with the simple items we can find locally or the items I order online and we prefer our meal prep to be under 30 minutes...3 kids = no time!

So, this blog is a place for them to create and review kids friendly, gluten-free recipes and products that will encourage other kids with allergies to have fun in the kitchen! We try to keep the posts short and simple so that other GF kids can follow along!

The Junior Chefs:

 Sister Chef, a teen who has a hard time finding "cool" foods to pack in her school lunch. She has the least sensitivities of the bunch but foods that raise her blood sugar levels cause her lots of problems with refined sugars being the worst.

Brother Chef, a middle school-er who is always on the lookout for gluten-free items to replace the breads he misses. He has the most allergies of the three, complicated by his Asperger's Syndrome, SPD, and DCD. He stays away from gluten, corn, dairy, additives, preservatives, and soy. He can handle a little bit of beans and starch such as rice or potatoes, but not much.

Little Chef, a preschool boy who is super picky and just wants to live off soup and chocolate. He avoids dairy and gluten and is Momma Chefs most enthusiastic helper even though most of the time the foods he helps to create receive a "I don't like it!" :-)


  1. Hi to All the Junior Chefs! I just LOVE your blog!!! This has to be my favorite of any blog I have ever read! I look forward to reading more in the future. ~Debbie

  2. Thanks Debbie, we are excited to be new members of the gluten-free communities and are learning so much!

  3. I'm very excited to add this blog to my "Must Reads" - I've been gluten-free for a long time, but am just starting to go paleo/grain-free - it's HARD! I'm really, really glad you're making delicious things that are good for us. <3

  4. Thanks Callista! Grain-free isn't easy but we are trying our best to make it fun!

  5. Hello Momma and GF Chefs!!!
    Your children are Lucky to have such a caring & fun mother.
    I used to read all the time to my son & I'm loving the comment your little helper chef made about this book.
    Excellent info in the book & just Love the illustrations! I will buy a couple and send one off to my son & use the other for schools.
    I've been strictly gluten-free for 24 years & I love it + my body & brain too:) enjoy your Day