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Thursday, January 6, 2011

Easy, Quick, Gluten-Free, No Bake, Burger Buns

Momma Chef was trying to make a batch of gluten-free pancakes.
Brother Chef was helping and talking about how he missed burger buns.
The pancakes were a massive failure.
Fluffy and soft they were not.
They were more chewy.
However, a light bulb went off in Brother Chef's head.
"Hey! I can use these as burger buns!"
And by golly, that's just what he did.

This recipe made enough for 12 "pancakes" so enough for 6 burgers.

"Pancake" Burger Buns

4 eggs- separated
1/4 cup coconut milk
1/4 cup coconut flour
1/2  teaspoon baking powder

We mixed the egg yolks and milk together, then stirred in the flour and baking powder. Next we beat the egg whites for a long time and folded those into the mixture. It seemed too thin so we added a little bit more flour. Then it seemed to thick so we added a tiny bit of milk. Then we realized that we were being crazy and left it alone.

We dropped a tiny bit into a heated skillet and it didn't move, so we spread it around with the back of a spoon, we used the spoon to smooth it into the shape we wanted. We had to turn the heat down to "3" because it was cooking too fast. After all that though, it was easy. Just cook them like a pancake and you shouldn't have any problems.

You could add some garlic and spices to give them an extra kick.

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Junior Chefs' Opinions!
Sister Chef: "8 stars. They were a bit dry in my throat but a nice change from just a patty."
Brother Chef: "10 stars. Made my burger so tasty!"
Little Chef: "I don't like burgers! I don't like tomatoes! I don't like lettuce! I like buns though. Can I have a bun sandwich?"


  1. I agree with bun sandwiches. Isn't that what burgers and hot dogs are all about? Buns and condiments?

  2. You make a great point missdark! :-)

  3. I love this post! Seeing the value in something beyond what it was intended for!
    Thanks for following me on Twitter. I'm really glad to read your blog.


  4. Oh my gosh... these look so good. I am going to save this recipe!!! I am trying to cut out as many carbs as I can right now to see it that heals my burning tongue.. but this is a definite keeper.

    Thanks for linking up to my Gluten Free Linky. I am a new follower google friend connect. I am also following you on twitter as CandidaJourney and I like you on facebook.

  5. That's really creative! I guess you don't have to worry about them falling apart in the same way most GF buns do.