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Sunday, January 16, 2011

Easiest Gluten-Free Pancakes Ever!

What do you do when you have two over ripe bananas and 6 eggs that really, really need to be used up right away?

Why, you make gluten-free pancakes of course!

Yup, that's all you need!

So simple and perfect for junior chefs to whip up on a weekend morning!

Here's how we did it...

We cracked the 6 eggs into a bowl and let Little Chef go nuts on them.

Then we added in two mashed bananas and had Brother Chef whip them with the beaters until the batter was fluffy. We also added a few drops of Vanilla Stevia, you could use a teaspoon or so of honey instead if you don't have any stevia on hand.

While the boys were working on the batter Sister Chef greased and heated up the griddle.

Now we were ready to fry up some hotcakes! The batter was really thin so we made sure to pour it really slowly so it didn't spread out too much and they cooked really fast, just took a minute or so until it was time to flip them, which we did carefully as they are pretty soft.

We were so surprised with how well they turned out! They were not only really tasteful but so fluffy, reminded us of crepes. In fact we might have to roll and fill them next time.
We topped them with bananas and pure maple syrup... so decided to renamed them "Banana, Banana Pancakes"..
(They would also be great topped with berries or other fruits but all we had on hand was bananas. They'd be good plain too, in fact we ate a lot of them straight off the griddle with nothing on them!)

And this next photo is something that cracked us all up. Little Chef refuses to eat crusts. Bread crusts, pie crusts, pizza crusts....he hates them all with passion. Today though we think he went a little overboard. Yes, he left a pancake "crust" on his plate! Silly boy...pancakes don't have crusts!


Junior Chefs' Opinions!
Sister Chef: 10 Stars! I can't believe it's only eggs and bananas!
Brother Chef: 10 Stars! Best way to eat bananas!
Little Chef: They are really good! Well the insides are, I love them! 

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