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Monday, January 3, 2011

Gluten-Free Birthday Cake and Frosting!

It was Momma Chef's birthday and all us Junior Chefs wished for nothing more than to bake her a cake, because we all knew how much Momma Chef loves cake!

We decided to use this recipe  from NourishingDays and renamed it Zesty Orange Birthday Cake! We knew we could make the cake just fine, with Daddy Chefs help but her frosting looked a little bit complicated so we whipped up another kind, which was really awesome! We just mixed together a little pure coconut cream, few drops of stevia, and a little bit of orange zest and then melted some dark, dairy-free, chocolate to melt over the top!

 Our cake ingredients  

Brother Chef mixing the batter

The cake turned out so perfect!

Our frosting ingredients 

Squeezing orange juice over the cake

Sister chef decorating the cake

So pretty, Momma Chef was in love!

And sooo delicious too!

Momma asked if she could have her birthday every day! :-)


Junior Chefs' Opinions!
Sister Chef: "This was a pretty easy recipe to follow, we had a lot of help from Daddy Chef and together we could all figure it out. The cake was amazing, really moist and sweet! 9 stars! It lost a star because of the strong orange flavor."
Brother Chef: "12 stars! No wait,  10 stars because it didn't make enough for me to have 4 pieces."
Little Chef: "YUM! It's good!"

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