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Wednesday, April 27, 2011


Our new cupcake book came today!

It is awesome!

It's Elana's Pantry's new book, which you can buy HERE.

I'll admit I hadn't planned on buying it as I get most of the recipes we need online, but I'm a huge fan of her blog and wanted to show my support so I went ahead and ordered a copy and that ended up being a wonderful decision because the kids went nuts over it! "We can make every single one in here? A whole book of cupcakes that are safe for us?! Whohooo!" They poured over the pages, looked at all the photos, and tried to decide which one to make first. The recipes are very easy and perfect for little chefs. They finally made up their minds to make the strawberry cupcakes with strawberry frosting, and they were amazing!

So light and fluffy and sweet!
I let the kids frost their own...

Which Little Chef took advantage of....not much cupcake under all that frosting!

The kids asked if we could make a different cupcake every week until we've tried every recipe in the book...sounds like a good idea to me! :-)

I love this photo because you can see Little Chef going nuts on a cupcake in the back ground. lol

He was not content with one and decided to frost another....and another. He ended up eating three of them and half a bowl of frosting I think!

Thank you Elana!


  1. Say hi to your little chefs for me :-)

  2. Those look so good.... the kids seem to like them too!!

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