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Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Whipped "Dairy-Free" Coconut Cream

Strawberries are on sale all over!

So, grab a can of coconut milk and stick it in your fridge overnight.

The next day the "cream" will have risen to the top so scoop it out into a bowl.

Save the "water" for a later use, such as a smoothie.

You may add a bit of sweetener if you wish or some people like it plain.

Beat it until it reaches a whipped consistency.

Add strawberries and enjoy!

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  1. I love whipped coconut cream! And your explanation of the process with photos along the way is great, because when I tell people, "Separate the cream from the coconut water," they think it will be more difficult than it is. :)

  2. Thank you for posting this - I was just wondering how one would make whipped coconut cream the other day.

  3. What a fabulous dairy free idea.. I love whipped cream and especially coconut cream.. Thanks for the great step by step pictures too..

  4. Great post! My milk allergic son has never had whipped cream, and I'm sure he'd love to try this!

  5. Can you do this with Lite coconut cream? That's all I currently have in my pantry!

  6. Amanda, I've never used the lite so I don't know but I'm thinking it might not have as much cream. You could try it though, if it doesn't work you could still use it to cook so it wouldn't be wasted. If it does work let us know!

  7. This is the BEST idea I've ever heard. I can't have milk or soy and searched everywhere for something I could use (to no avail). This is very affordable, very easy and tastes SO GOOD! Thanks!!!!

  8. Just a little addition, it was too thick so I used the coconut water to help reach the consistency I preferred. Everyone loved it (even the picky one)!