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Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Review: Nana's Cookie Company

We were so excited when Nana's Cookies said they would send us some samples for our Gluten-Free Awareness Event! (Which is this Monday - Woot!) Sister Chef was the most thrilled because they are her favorite gluten-free cookie. She prefers soft cookies and Nana's are really soft, moist, and chewy! AND...they are only sweetened with natural fruit juice, so they are the perfect cookies for her!

When the box came in and Little Chef saw all the flavors he started yelling "Can I try them all? Can I try them all? We thought he meant "Can I try one of all the flavors?" So we absentmindedly said yes....and turned around when we heard him squealing and found him trying to gather up every single cookie in his arms!

We sure know why he wanted to claim them all, they are delicious. The Gluten Free cookies are free of ingredients that cause many food allergies, including corn, soy, dairy, eggs, casein and wheat! And as mentioned, no refined sugars!

It was hard to put them away to save for our event...we wanted to put them away in our tummies!
We did let the Junior Chefs taste one of each flavor, as promised!

Gluten Free Lemon Dreams:
These were Sister Chef's favorite, she asked right away if we could buy a couple boxes to keep on hand for lunches and snack. "They are so soft, yet sweet but not too sweet and I love the lemony taste! I bet they would be awesome with some homemade ice cream. They remind me of lemonade or lemon drops."

Chocolate Munch:
These were Little Chef's favorite, he's all about the chocolate! "They are soft! I like the way they feel in my teeth and they don't stick. The chocolate is so, so good! I want these everyday, for forever and ever! How do they make them so soft? Can we ask them? I bet if I smile really nice they will tell me..."

Berry Vanilla:
These were Brother Chef's favorite. He said "They are so smooth and great with almond milk. They don't stick in my throat. They would be good on a picnic."

Next time you are at the store look for these or you can buy them ONLINE!
Don't forget to check out their website HERE!

Thank you Nana's Cookies, we can't wait to share these with the school children!

~The opinions written here are ours. We did not receive any monetary compensation for this post & were not under any obligation to give a positive review of the product.~

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